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Street Intervention

Champions In Service (CIS) has provided effective street intervention services for over 30 years.

  • violence reduction efforts
  • violence interruption 

  • first responders to yellow tape

  • court advocacy

  • employment assistance

  • promoting peace and public safety

  • neighborhood sporting events

  • public speaking/trainings

  • assistance with funeral arrangements & resources

  • gang retaliation prevention 

  • rumor control

  • conflict mediation 

  • 'hot-spot' surveillance to avoid future conflict after incidence of violence

  • grafiti removal

Who provides Street Intervention Services
CIS makes a point to hire Community Intervention Worker's (CIWs) that are extremely familiar with the community in which they serve, allowing our street intervention team to have intimate knowledge about how to best work with our community.  Incorporating CIW's into street intervention has played a key role in the effectiveness of CIS's methods.

Additional Street Intervention Services
Eagle Rock Learning Center
Due to our 30 years of experience in violence intervention in the community, CIS is familiar with many of the barriers our participants face when making a transition to a new chapter in their life. CIS understands that for many, in order to successfully make this transition, a fresh start in a new location is necessary. Therefore, in partnership with the Honda Foundation, CIS enrolls a number of our most vulnerable youth in the all-expenses-paid Eagle Rock Learning Center, located in Eagle Rock, Colorado. The Eagle Rock Learning Center provides a safe space for our youth to receive an education, enhance their life skills, and develop the healthy social-emotional skills needed in order for them to thrive in society and achieve success in this new chapter of their lives.  
To learn more about the Eagle Rock Learning Center click HERE!!
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