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Case Management

Champions In Service (CIS) has provided over 30 years of our Intensive-Integrated Case Management (IICM) model.


Upon enrollment, every CIS participant is assigned a Case Manager to support them throughout their involvement with CIS.


Our Case Managers work closely with participants to identify their individual needs and goals, working at the clients pace to help them achieve these objectives.

  • set goals with client

  • therapeutic and counseling services

  • assistance with enrolling in school

  • finding employment

  • transportation services

  • court advocacy

  • referring clients to other CIS programs for additional support 


Here are our programs that include case management:

Case Management

CIS offers unique Intensive Integrated Case Management (IICM) services for every participant enrolled in a CIS program. Our Case Managers use a wrap-around approach to support our clients and their families while working toward reaching our participant's goals.


Below is a list of services offered by our Case Managers:

  • Employment & Education Opportunities

  • Tattoo Removal

  • Participant & Family Financial Assistance

  • Transportation Services

  • Therapeutic Counseling

  • Court Advocacy

  • Legal Services

  • Referrals to Resources

  • And Much More!

Every CIS participant is assigned a Case Manager when they enroll in a CIS program. Below are the programs offered at CIS:

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