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Youth Diversion & Development


In 2018 Champions In Service (CIS) was awarded a grant by the County of Los Angeles to create a Youth Diversion & Development (YDD) Program.

Since we know that justice system involvement as a juvenile typically leads to a continuous cycle of incarceration in adulthood, diversion programs for our youth are critical. The goal of CIS's YDD program is to minimize juvenile justice system involvement by diverting youth to CIS's supportive services. 


Through CIS's Memorandum of Agreement with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), youth under the age of 18 that come into contact with law enforcement in the Mission Police Division are immediately referred to CIS for services instead of entered into the justice system.

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With CIS's wrap-around Case Management approach and intensive supportive services for our youth and their families, including counseling, educational and employment opportunities, healthy development workshops, court advocacy services, and linkage to other resources for our participants, we give youth the opportunity to avoid the never-ending cycle of justice system involvement. 

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